Chamber kilns with movable bottom for ceramics manufacturing

Chamber kilns with movable bottom for ceramics manufacturingCeramics chamber kilns with movable bottom are designed for heat treatment (firing, drying, warming up, annealing, tempering …) of ceramics and porcelain at a very low energy consumption. The kiln is equipped with a simple regulator and a burner system, which creates the required temperature and atmosphere inside the kiln. The kiln bottom is in a form of insulated fireclay truck on which the products are deposited. The inner lining of the kiln is made of quality ceramic fibre and expanded insulation bricks. Opening of the front door is made according to the customer’s requirement. If the customer so wishes, the kiln may be equipped with recooling fan, different regulator, controlled flame reduction or servo valve in the chimney of the kiln.

Technical data

Operation temperature up to 14 500 °C
Inner capacity 1,5-3 m3
Fuel natural gas, propane/butane
Pressure 10 kPa
Type of burner speed with Premix
Number of burners 2-6 pcs



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