Gas-chamber heating furnaces

Gas-chamber heating furnacesGas chamber kilns are designed for heat-treatment (firing, drying, warming up, annealing, tempering ...) of metals, plastics, ceramics, and other materials at very low energy consumption. The kiln is equipped with a simple regulator and burner system, which create the required temperature and atmosphere in the kiln. The inner lining of the kiln is made of quality ceramic fibres and expanded insulation bricks. A steel structure, frame and door are constructed according to the customer’s requirements. If the customer so wishes, the kiln may be equipped with stainless or different loading grate, recooling fan, and different regulator or servo valve in the chimney of the kiln.

Technical Data

Operation temperature up to 15 000 °C
Inner volume 0,2-10 m3
Fuel natural gas , propane-butane
Pressure 2-3 kPa or 10 kPa
Type of burner automatic or speed
Number of burners 1-10 pcs



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